Aluminium Sheets Annealing Oven

Aluminium Sheets Annealing Oven Manufacturers in India

Aluminium Sheets Annealing Oven

This oven is used for Annealing Aluminium Circles at 400+ Degree Celsius.
Size of the oven may vary as per requirement of the customer.

Key Features
  • Uniform heating.
  • Highly efficient in power consumption.
  • Gas fired or electric heated ovens.
  • Excellent annealing result.
  • Whole cycle is programmable to suit individual requirements.
  • Trolley system for easy loading/unloading of the Circle in to the oven.
  • Vertical Up and Down type counterweight balanced Doors for easy lifting.
  • A burner is installed at the top as shown in the photo and the heat flows from both sides through air circulation fans in to the main chamber and gives uniform annealing.
  • A control panel is provided with the oven to give sequential control for easy operations for the operator, and at the end of cycle it automatically shuts off the oven and gives alarm to the operator.

  • Contact Knackwell Engineers for aluminum Sheets Annealing Oven installation & application for which oven is installed or desired.

On burner Failures for any reason the gas supply will be automatically cut off and an audio visual alarm will go off with an indication of burner failure.