Roller Hearth Furnce

Roller Hearth Furnce Manufacturer in India

Roller Hearth Furnace Manufacturer

Our industrial roller hearth designs have been tested in harsh industrial situations around the world. Because of Knackwell's extensive experience in this field, several advances in roller hearth technology and methods have been made.

Our polished roll adaptations on the mechanism component side allow for lubricant-free roller performance for decades of trouble-free operation. Water-cooled and atmosphere-tight rolls or roller bearings are possible. For heavy and high-temperature applications, water-cooled rolls with ceramic lining are used. Axial fans with no vibration ensure that if a fan is out of balance, the machine is not injured by the vibration. For decades, Knackwell's ceramic lined heavy-duty furnace casings will perform in even the harshest mill conditions, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. "We haven't turned your furnace off or cooled it down in years," our clients have said about many large vehicle applications. Knackwell has produced Roller Hearth furnaces for annealing, normalising, carburizing, and other purposes up to 2150°F.
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