Vacuum Furnace

Vacuum Furnace Manufacturers in India

Vacuum furnaces use a vacuum system (comprising a vacuum pump, a vacuum measuring device, a vacuum valve, and other components) to discharge some substances in the furnace cavity into the specific space of the furnace cavity, resulting in a pressure in the furnace cavity that is less than atmospheric pressure, allowing the vacuum state to be achieved. The furnace is connected to the high vacuum pump system via a conduit that is sealed by a metal shell or quartz glass cover. The vacuum level in the furnace can be as high as 133 (10-210-4) Pa. Resistance furnace wire (such as tungsten wire) or high-frequency induction heating can be used to directly electrify the furnace's heating system. The greatest temperature is around 3000 degrees Celsius.Ceramic burning, vacuum smelting, degassing and annealing of electric vacuum parts, brazing of metal parts, and ceramic metal sealing are the most common applications.

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