Annealing Oven

Annealing Oven Manufacturer in India

Annealing Oven Manufacturer in India

Annealing ovens are most commonly used for metal, plastic and glass. To prevent stresses and cracking of plastic or metal parts during the machining process, they are heated in an annealing oven chamber to just below its transition temperature for a prescribed period of time. This allows greater resistance to residual stresses and improved machinability.

  • Standard sizes range from .95 to 96 cubic feet, some from 144 to 480
  • Temperatures from 450°F to 1200°F
  • Control: ±0.5°C to 1°C
  • Uniformity: ±1°C to ±3°C
  • Resolution: ±0.1°C
  • Run up time to maximum temperature: ≤100min.

  • Contact Knackwell Engineers for annealing oven installation & application for which oven is installed or desired.