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Conveyor oven

A conveyor belt furnace uses a conveyor or a belt to transport process pieces or materials through the primary heating chamber for quick thermal processing. It's made for quick drying and curing of products, and it's currently commonly utilised in the thick film and metallization processes of solar cell production. To mention a few, conveyor belt furnaces are also known as metallization furnaces, belt furnaces, atmospheric furnaces, infrared furnaces, and fast fire furnaces.

A conveyor furnace usually has a tunnel construction and is divided into numerous regulated zones, such as preheating, binder burnout, heating, firing, and cooling. Fast thermal reactions, homogeneous and steady temperature distribution, and the ability to heat treated items to 1050 degrees Celsius are all advantages of a conveyor furnace (may vary for different model). A conveyor furnace's belt speed can reach 6000mm/min. Infrared radiation (which can also be ceramic heaters or IR lamps) is used to efficiently heat products, which are then dried and burned after passing through the controlled zones, followed by rapid cooling.

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