Bogie Hearth Furnace

Bogie Hearth Furnace Manufacturer in India

Bogie Hearth Furnace Manufacturer

The furnace has a fixed hearth and a side hinged door. The hearth can be supplied with a bogie and dragged out of the furnace on a track system as an alternative. This hearth design technique also makes it simple to adapt the furnace to a vertical lift configuration to create an elevator hearth, in which case the door becomes a fixed side of the chamber.

On four sides, under-hearth heating and free-radiating coiled wire components. This design allows for single and three-zone temperature control and is ideal for applications that require maximum uniformity, such as the AMS 2750F. (this can be combined with an optional air circulation fan). Low thermal mass insulating materials are used to maximise running efficiency, whereas powerful refractory materials are used where physical strength is required, such as the hearth loading area. To offer a durable wearing surface, silicon carbide (SiC) tiles are used on the hearth.

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