Salt Bath Furnace

Salt Bath Furnace Manufacturers in India

A Salt Bath Furnace is a device that heats or cools equipment by immersing it in a liquid made up of fused salts with the right composition for the job. Electric or gas-fired heaters can be used to heat the salts.

The electrode type salt bath furnace works by generating heat directly in the salt by taking advantage of its resistance to current flow. Salts are excellent resistors in the fused state, despite being insulators in the solid form. Heavy metal bars called electrodes are linked to the secondary of special multiple voltage air cooled transformers to provide potential to the molten salt. When charged, these electrodes are placed and spaced in such a way that electrodynamic circulation is facilitated, resulting in a powerful pump that aids temperature homogeneity throughout the bath.

Salt Bath Furnaces have enormous potential and are used in a wide range of industrial applications in the aerospace, medical, and manufacturing industries, from the production of farming equipment and lawnmowers to the treatment of high alloy stainless steels for aeroplanes and dentist drills to keep our teeth clean. The salt bath procedure is straightforward.

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