Pipes Annealing Furnace

Pipes Annealing Furnace Manufacturers in India

Pipes Annealing Furnace Manufacturers

The pipe annealing furnace will be used to heat treat centrifugally cast cast iron pipes in order to achieve ductile cast iron quality in accordance with ISO standards. The pipes produced in the centrifugal casting process have a diameter of 80-1000 mm and a total length of 6300 mm including socket. Heating zone zone 1 + Soaking zone zone 2 + 3 make up the furnace plant. Zone 4: Rapid Cooling Zone 5 + 6: Ferritisation Zone The length of the furnace is determined by the temperature profile of the furnace, pipe diameter, and furnace capacity. The effective furnace length varies between 28, 32, 36, and 45 metres.Pipes put into the furnace by the pipe delivery machine are moved horizontally through the furnace by a special chain conveyor system with collabsible fingers. Roller beams are used to support the pipes.The innovative quick cooling zone allows for a regulated cooling of the pipes without the need for extra air to be pumped into the furnace (no scale).

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